Kids Who Bank Holiday Fundraiser / Book Launch

From Left to Right:

Landon Dais, Esq. – Board Member of HIIC & Public Advocate; Dr. Mamadou – UN Ambassador of Gambia; Lynn Spivey – NAACP NYCHA President; Neffi Walker – Lenoir Home, Interior/Furniture Designer; Jatali Bellanton – Founder, Kids Who Bank; Omi McIntosh – Fan Fam, Inc; Melissa Lebron – ‎CEO of E2 Northeast Motorsports, Inc; Rowena Husbands – Celebrity Photographer, blinkofaneyephotography

On November 1st 2016 we had our 1st official Holiday Fundraiser and Book Launch.

This day will forever be etched into my memory bank. Everyone in attendance was unified in our vision that financial literacy should play an important role in the lives of our youths.

This was touched upon with a panel of highly successful entrepreneurs ranging from an ambassador to an interior designer known for her ingenuity. In bringing this panel together the goal was to show our future leaders that they have options when it comes to their success rather it  be going to a prestigious university, creating their own business venture, working in a high position at a fortune 500 company and the list continues.

Needless to say this diverse panel was not just informative but an inspiring group of individuals.




THE TEAM for 11-1-2016 - The faces and Organizations behind Kids Who Bank's 1st fundraiser / book launch.