FALL CLEANING : Donating & the barter system with kids


Illustrated by: Nick Edwards

It is that time of the year when we start pulling out the fall and winter clothes and putting away the summer clothes and trying to declutter while we are at it. If you like to travel then you leave a few staple summer clothes out.  Most of us will do this with our kids duplicating our actions.

Why not turn this tradition into a lesson.

Kids grow so quickly that for someone like me with a toddler all of the items he had for the previous winter no longer fit him and it leaves me wondering why did I even save them.  Granted certain items can be held on if you plan on having more kids but is it necessary to hold on to all of them? I THINK NOT

One mans junk is another mans treasure

When you add your kid(s) into the equation this turns into a perfect way of:

  • Decluttering your home of toys and clothes they no longer utilize
  • Teaching them a quick lesson in appreciation & depreciation
  • A minor step towards them becoming entrepreneurs
  • Stimulate their creativity

One of the ways you can do this is via the barter system.  Now as a parent there are forums,  websites and apps dedicated to other parents who want to exchange toys,  clothes and other knickknacks for something of equal value.

You can do this as a joint effort.  Tell your little ones to try on their old shoes,  clothes, etc and whatever doesn’t fit them to put to one side neatly. Next step tell them all of the toys they no longer play with to do the same.

Not all items have to be bartered. Whatever you can’t find an exchange for you can choose to donate. I personally choose a local charity or a missionary.

Include your kid in the whole process of taking pictures of everything you will list and watchijg what they can get for their items.


Now if only I could barter away my socks with holes in them for fresh ones that would be splendid.  Lol.  

On that note, feel free to let me know if you’d like to share any pics of your kids having garage sales,  lemonade stands or any other entrepreneurial stances they have displayed.


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